Nostradamus Is The Prophet of Satan

He was Not a Christian. He used Divination, an Occult Practice, and Banned in The Bible, to contact Satan, the source of his predictions.

Nostradamus is the conduit for the knowledge that
Satan has about the future and wants you to know.

Within the over 1000 Quatrains of Nostradamus are Cryptic Scenarios and Mysterious Descriptions of The Forces of Darkness, that among other things, strongly suggest War between Islam and The West.

According to decodings and translations of certain of the quatrains,
This Global Conflict will lead to The Coming of Antichrist
And The Start of The Biblical Tribulation of Seven Years.

Starting on 30 SEPT 1999 and continuing through the present,
Israel has been hit by Waves of Terrorists Attacks,
The Worst Violence since The 1967 War in which Israel regained Jerusalem.

Islamic Terrorists, led by Osama Bin Laden and his
Al Qaeda Network have used Israel’s defensive response to
The PLO’s constant assault on their nation as justification for
The Murder of 6000 Innocent People on September 11, in The Worst Terrorist Attack in History against The United States, The Defender of Freedom around the world, and The Primary Ally of Israel.

"Plague, Famine, Death from
Military Bands (Hands),
The Century and The Age
Approaches its renewal."
C1 Q16

Here, Nostradamus sees Groups of Terrorists, not Armies or Nations, starting Global Conflict soon after The Year 2000, The New Millennium.

"Plague" could be a reference to Anthrax or any number of other
Biological weapons including Smallpox, Ebola and Bubonic Plague,
Which may be become part of the terrorists’ arsenal.

"After a Great Misery for Mankind,
An ever greater approaches
The Great Cycle of The Centuries
is renewed, …
C2 Q46

In this Quatrain, we are warned of World War soon
After The Start of The New Millennium.

C2 Q46 (continued)
…In The Sky will be seen a Fire,
Dragging a trail of sparks."

Does “A Trail of Sparks” indicate that
The Advent of The World War coincides with a Comet?

Or does the "Fire” in The Sky refer to a Nuclear ICBM?

C2 Q46 (continued)
It will rain blood, milk,
famine, War and disease…

Is "Milk" is a reference to the atmospheric white dust resulting from
The Detonation of A Hydrogen Bomb?


"Near the point of landing
The Crusader Army will be
ambushed by The Ismaelites,
struck from all sides by the
ship, Raviere. Promptly attacked
by the elite galleys."
C9 Q43

13 SEPT 2001. President Bush (USA) Declared A "Crusade"
Against Global Terrorism In Response to The Sept 11 Attack on The WTC and The Pentagon.

24 SEPT 2001. Terrorist Leader, Bin Laden sent a Decree by Fax, Calling upon "All Moslems to Join in a Holy War against The America "Crusaders" who bear the Cross." In Medieval Times, The Crusaders fought under the Sign of The Cross against Islam.

7 OCT 2001. The USA and Britain launched The Start of Massive Air Force Strikes against Terrorist Targets in Afghanistan, including Airfields and Missile Defense Sites.

Twelve Days of Cruise Missile and Bomber Strikes have expanded to include the Capitol City of Kabul. Reports of Afghan Civilians killed reach as high as 200.

These Air Attacks will precede An Attack by Ground Forces to destroy The Taliban Military, Osama Bin Laden and his Terrorist Forces.

Nostradamus see The "Armies of The Crusaders" (USA),
Ambushed by Moslem Forces (Ismaelites) soon after they
Land in Afghanistan or Bases in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Anti-American Hatred and Protest is growing throughout The Mid-East. Many Moslem Nations such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are extremely vulnerable to A Take Over by Militant Islamic Forces. United States Military Actions into Afghanistan are causing Violent Protests, which could explode into Revolution and a "Holy War" against The West, Resulting in A Surprise Attack against USA Ground Forces who find themselves surrounded.

Throughout Asia Minor (Turkey, Kurdistan)
There will be a great prohibiting of Outlaws.
Even in Turkey, Iran and Iraq, blood
will flow because of absolving a young
Dark man filled with evil doing."
C3 Q60

The Great Prohibiting of Outlaws does seem to refer to The USA/British Led Coalition to Hunt Down Terrorists in Afghanistan and in Nations who sponsor Terrorism. 111 nations including Russia and Pakistan have joined in this World Wide Ban against Terrorists.

"The Young Dark Man Filled With Evil Doing"

Appears to be Terrorist Leader, Osama Bin Laden, the number one suspect as The Mastermind of The SEPT 11 Attack on The World Trade Center.

"Blood will flow" in Iran, Iraq and Turkey seems to indicate these Nations will Attack The USA Forces in Afghanistan and Face Massive USA Military Response or Violent Revolution will Overturn these three nations.

"In the Arabian Sea, a great fleet will flounder."
C6 Q44

"The Sun (Atomic weapon) in The East, Saturn (Death) in The West,
War near Orgon (S. France), a great evil seen near Rone,
The ships melted and sunk by The Trident
The ship of the ones of The Trident
will be melted and sunk."
C5 Q62

Nostradamus sees a Great Naval Fleet sunk, melted, in The Arabia Sea. This could be a surprise Nuclear Attack against The United States Fleet in The Arabian Sea, directly south of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The United States Navy has The Trident Nuclear Submarines.

A small Boat armed with a Nuclear Weapon could be used similar to The Terrorist Attack on The U.S.S. Cole in Yemen. It is also possible that A Militant, Islamic Coup Takes-over Pakistan and Launches A Nuclear Missile at The United States Fleet. Pakistan has short-range nuclear capability.


Nostradamus names Three "Antichrists" who will wreak
Chaos, War and Death upon Mankind. He names The first "Antichrist" as Napoleon, The Second Was Hitler and the
Third Antichrist is an Inhuman, Arabic Leader named
MABUS who will trigger WWIII.

MABUS may be The Arabic Leader Who Melts The USA Fleet?

The Identity of MABUS is yet to be revealed. Many Scholars of Nostradamus believe Saddam Hussein is MABUS.

Saddam spelled backwards is MADDAS, which is close to MABUS.

Saddam's Military Capability may be Annihilated in A Future USA Military Campaign because Iraq sponsors Terrorism and may be responsible for The Anthrax Attacks against The USA.

This USA Military Action would eliminate Saddam as Mabus.

Here is another Quatrain attributed to MABUS,
The Arabic Antichrist.

"The Blue [turbaned] head will inflict
Upon the white [turbaned] head,
As much evil as France has done them good,
Death from the great antenna hanging From the branch.
When seized, the King will ask how
Many of his men have been captured."
(C2 Q2)

Osama Bin Laden could be MABUS.

7 OCT 2001. Osama Bin Laden, via Video Tape, appealed to All Moslems to "Fight A Holy war against America and The West." This tape was broadcast as The USA Air Force Attacks against Afghanistan were underway.

Bin Laden is a "hero" to Millions of Moslems who Hate America and lean Towards Militant Islam. If Bin Laden Survives The United States War into Afghanistan, He could Don The Blue Turban of Islamic Extremists and Trigger a Holy War against The USA and The West.

Bin Laden could lead a Military Coup in Pakistan and Emerge as its new leader, in control of their Nuclear Weapons.

"Death from the great antenna hanging from the Branch" could be The Use of Satellite/Radio Communication for MABUS to Broadcast his Holy War.

The White Head is a reference to A Sunni Moslem Leader or The Damage Inflicted upon The United States in The Sept 11 Attack and Future Acts of Terrorism by Bin Laden's Forces, both in America and through-out the world.

"One who the Infernal Gods of
Hannibal Will Cause To Be Born,
Terror to all Of Mankind
Never more horrors than the
Newspapers, Tell of worse in
the past Then will come to
The Italians through Babylon."
C2 Q30

Babylon is modern day Iraq. This Quatrain may be
The Final Clue that Saddam is MABUS.

A stronger possibility is that a New Arabic Leader will arise as MABUS who will Overthrow Saddam (White Head = Sunni Moslem Leader) in a Military Coup and Wage War (using Iraq's Military Arsenal) against The West and Rome, The Vatican.

Violent Revolution could sweep Turkey, Iran, and other Moslem Nations who join MABUS in his "Holy War" against The Western World.

The God of Hannibal was "Baal" who brought
"Fire down from Heaven."

MABUS will cause A Great Horror
To befall mankind in the Form of "Fire from Heaven"

MABUS may Launch A Nuclear Missile at New York City


"In the year 1999 and seven months,
The Great, King of Terror shall
Come from the sky. He will bring
to life the King of The Mongols.
Before and after Mars reigns
C10 Q 72

The "Great, King of Terror From
The Sky" Could be a Nuclear Missile,
And not The Sept 11 Airline Attack on
The World Trade Center as so many believe.

The Launch of a Nuclear Missile at NYC (by MABUS) could be The "Fire in The Sky Dragging Sparks" which Brings Blood, Milk, Famine, War and Disease."(C2 Q46).

"1999 and "Sept Mois" (Original French Translation) can mean the seventh month = July or September. This attack did not come in 1999 or 2000 but September 2001 AD. Nostradamus could have Made a Mistake in his Date or he followed an Obscure Calendar Where as The Millennium started in 2001 AD not 2000.

However The Terrorist Attack against The World Trade Center did not Bring China (King of The Mongols) against The USA in The War against Terrorism.

A United States Nuclear Counterstrike at Iraq would bring China to War against The USA if China is hit with Radio-Active Fallout.


"The sky will burn at forty-five degrees latitude,
Fire approaches The Great New City
Immediately a huge, scattered flame leaps up
When they want to have verification From The Normans."
C6 Q97

When Nostradamus refers to the "new land" or "New City" it is always America. Many believe this Quatrain predicted The SEPT 11 Attack on The World Trade Center, however, New York City is actually at 40.77 degrees latitude and Boston is actually closer to 45 degrees, than is NYC.

This Quatrain could also be A Nuclear Missile that approaches New York City from 45 Degrees Latitude.

This Nuclear Attack would fulfill many Quatrains about
New York City in a total and devastating manner.

"Fire from the sky", Raining Milk, Blood, Death, Famine
(C6 Q54).

"The Great King of Terror comes from the sky"
(C10 Q 72)

"Fire approaches The New City at 45 Degrees Latitude"

(C6 Q 97)

"Garden of the world near the New City,
In the path of The Hollow Mountains,
It will be seized and plunged into The Vat
Drinking by force the waters poisoned by Sulfur."
C10 Q49

This Nuclear Missile (launched by MABUS) could Miss A Direct Hit on New York City and Detonate upon The Hudson River overlooking Manhattan. This would poison The Water Source of NYC and Kill at least a Hundred Thousand People from The Initial Blast.

"Hollow Mountains" could also mean "Hollowed Mountains",
A Tragic Reference to The Huge Crater where The
Twin Towers of The World Trade Center once stood.


"Where all is good, all well abundant
The Sun (gold standard) and The Moon
(silver) its ruin approaches,

It comes from the sky,
As you sift through your exhausted fortune,
In the same state as the seventh rock."
C5 Q32

Some believe this to be The Devastating Impact that The Sept 11 Airline Attack on The World Trade Center has upon the once booming, USA Economy. This Attack "from the sky" weakened The Stock Market, The Airline and Related Industries are facing Bankruptcy with over 200,000 lay-offs and losses that may exceed One Billion Dollars.

Yet The Stock Market and The Economy is slowly bouncing back.

A Nuclear Attack against NYC would Vaporize Wall Street and Destroy The United States Economy,

"From the sky, its ruin approaches." (C5 Q32)

"Mabus will soon die, then will come
A horrible slaughter of people and animals
At once vengeance is revealed coming from
a hundred hands,
Thirst and Famine when The Comet
shall pass."
C2 Q62

Whoever MABUS is, The United States Response will
Spell his own death.


"A horrible war being prepared in
The West, The following year The
Pestilence Will Come, So very
Horrible that young Nor old, nor
Animal may survive, Blood, Fire,
Mercury, Mars, Jupiter In France."
C9 Q55

Nostradamus predicts The United States will launch a Nuclear Missile at The Nation where MABUS comes from.

"He will bring to Life The King of The Mongols."
(C10 Q72).

Again, This USA Nuclear Strike will cause China (King of The Mongols) to Wage War against The USA if China is hit with
Radioactive Fallout.

The Astrological Conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter occurs in JULY 2002, again in SEPTEMBER 2004 AD reoccurs into 2012 AD.

The Coming of MABUS and this Nuclear Attack against New York City may happen during The Great Tribulation and Not as A Result of The War against The Taliban Regime in Afghanistan.

Nostradamus Is Unclear When MABUS Appears In The Mid East.

There is A Parallel with this Nuclear Cataclysm in The Book of Revelation, Chapter 8.

"Then the Third Angel sounded
And a great star fell from Heaven
Burning as A Torch
And it fell upon the third of the
Rivers and on the springs of water

"And the Name of The Star is Wormwood
And a Third of the waters became Wormwood
and many men died from the water because
It was made bitter."

This Nuclear Attack (Wormwood) happens in Revelation Chapter Eight, Deep into The Great Tribulation, which Starts in Rev:Chapter six.

Wormwood is a Nuclear Missile, which poisons The Water with Radiation. The Word "Wormwood" means poison.

What is clear is The USA War against The Taliban Regime in Afghanistan will Trigger Unparalleled Violence in Israel.


"Sooner or later you will see
Great changes made,
Extreme horrors and vengeances
For as the Moon is led by its Angel
The heavens draw near to the Balance.
C1 Q56

The Balance is The Year 2000

As The USA War against Afghanistan rages, Moslem Terrorists (The Moon of Islam) will Launch A Non Stop Wave of Suicide Attacks against Israel. In Oct 2000, Yassar Arafat released 400 Hamas Terrorists from His PLO Prison, ready and waiting
To "Detonate for Allah."

As Jerusalem Explodes in Violence, The Dome of The Rock Mosque may be destroyed. This would unleash a Holy War against Israel, which plunges The entire Mid East into War.

Ariel Sharon, Israel's Leader issued an Ultimatum to Arafat.

21 OCT 2001
"You have seven days to stop all Violence or we (Israel) will go to War.

If Israel declares War against The PLO/ Arafat, this will Divide The Moslem world and could shatter the USA Based War against Terrorism in Afghanistan.

The Second in Command of The PLO behind Arafat is Mohammed Abus, a Violent Islamic Fundamentalist.

If we connect M + Abus we get MABUS, the Arabic "Antichrist" whom Nostradamus said will trigger WWIII.


At The Height of This War between The West and Islam, Nostradamus sees
The Coming of A World Savior and Spiritual Teacher.

"The long awaited One will Return,
He will appear in Asia and be at
home in Europe
One who is issued from the Great Hermes."
C10 Q75

This Messiah (Christ) first appears in Asia because He brings A New Spirituality to the world based upon Buddhic Principles.

Through Nostradamus, Satan wants you to believe that MABUS Is Antichrist, The Evil One and this World Savior is
Whom you should follow.

The Bible Identifies This World Savior as The Antichrist,
The Beast of Revelation Chapter 13
Satan's False Christ.
(Rev:6:2 - Rev:13)

The Antichrist will expand upon Buddhism and
Claim that Lucifer (Satan) is
The Enlightener of Humanity and the true,
"Father Who Art In Heaven."

The Coming of Antichrist Marks The Start of The Great Tribulation of Seven Years.

Antichrist will Reveal his Plan for World Peace through The United Nations which he will later empower militarily.

Antichrist will blame Religion as The Cause for this Great War
As well as most of the world's problems.

He will single out Christianity as the worst offender and
"Divider" of Mankind.

In his assault against Christianity, Antichrist will demonize YHWH, The God of The Bible as A Power-Crazed Extra-Terrestrial. Jesus will be reduced to a mere "Prophet-Boy."

"The Man from the East will come out
of His Seat,
Passing across The Apennines to see France
He will fly through the sky."
C2 Q29

Antichrist, this New Spiritual Leader, may himself come in A Spaceship, "He will fly through the sky". This would add to his Extra-Terrestrial Spin on The Bible, A Cosmic Battle between his Friendly Extra-Terrestrials vs The Hostile "Forces" of
YHWH, The Bible God.

The Book of Revelation (Chapter 13) warns that Antichrist will Trigger A Second Holocaust against Christians which lasts
40 and 2 months, 1260 days.

We are told in The Book of Revelation and The Gospel that directly Before Antichrist is revealed, The Rapture of
The Worthy Christians will happen.

This is The First of Two Raptures or Evacuations from Earth.

This Rapture Event will happen at The Height of This War between Islam and The West which Nostradamus predicts.

The Second Rapture (Evacuation) is The Resurrection. This Happens During The Tribulation, 1260 Days into and Ending this Second Holocaust which Antichrist will lead. (1 Thes:4:16 and Rev:14:14).

I will leave you with The Warning of Jesus in The Gospel

Notice there is not a "Guaranteed Escape" if we simply had a "Born again" Experience or "Have Faith" as so many
Protestant Sects proclaim.

"Take heed to yourselves that your
hearts not be weighed- down with
Carousing, drunkenness and the
Cares of this life that the DAY will
Come upon you unawares."

For as a snare, it shall come upon
all those who dwell upon the face
of the whole earth."

"Therefore watch and pray always,
That you are accounted Worthy
To Escape all of these things which
Shall come to pass, and stand before
The Son of Man."





"The Great King of Terror from the sky"
(C10 Q74)

May be the coming of Satan's Messiah in A Spaceship.

The many "Fire from the sky" Quatrains could speak of a Nuclear Missile.
(C10 Q 75)

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