Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone
movie released 15 Nov 2001

Is Harry Potter harmless fantasy or
Something far worse?

Harry Potter The Movie, promotes Witchcraft and Spells
as good, acceptable and cool.

The Bible warns against Witchcraft and Spells are Evil,
Doorways into Satan's World.

Harry Potter uses a Sorceror's Stone (Divination)
To Conjure Spirits.

Sorcery is the ancient Art where as One uses Divination Devices and Incantations to Conjure Spirits whom are said to provide information or visions.

The Bible Bans Sorcery as It Conjures Fallen Angels, Demons, who Seek to Inhabit a Human Body and Possess Your Soul!

Do you want your Children toying with this?

Harry Potter wears an Occult Symbol of
The Lightening Bolt on his forehead.

The Lightening Bolt is an Occult Symbol for Lucifer (Satan). Hitler's "SS" wore The Symbol of The Double Lightning Bolt on their dreaded uniform. Most people do not know that Hitler worshiped Lucifer and followed His Plan for A Master Race.

Harry Potter shows that having an Occult Symbol tattooed upon Your Forehead is something that is good and cool to have.

The Bible Warns of a Future Luciferic Initiation that
Involves A Satanic Symbol Tattooed upon your Forehead and
A Computer Microchip Implanted in your hand.


"And He {Beast} causes all,
both the small and great, rich
and poor, free and slave to
receive a mark on their right
hand or upon their foreheads,

"And that no one may buy or
sell except he who has the mark
or the name of the Beast or the
number of his name."

"Here is wisdom. Let he who
has understanding calculate
the number of the Beast; for
his number is that of a man;
and his number is 666."

Harry Potter is taking the most wicked thing in The Bible,
The "Mark of The Beast and promoting this to
Your Children and cool and acceptable!

When Antichrist (The Beast) comes onto the world scene,
He will declare that "Wizard and Witchcraft" School is open!

Children can have the Same Magical Powers as Harry Potter
Providing they take The Mark of The Beast.

Global 666 Initiation is The First Spell for
An Apprentice Sorceror as you must "Invoke" (Conjure)
The Dark Lord (Satan) within your heart!

Harry Potter "Theology" actually divides the world between
The Muggles (who are ignorant to magic and fear it) and
The Hogwarts who like Harry Potter , "embrace" The
Power of Witchcraft, Wizardry and Magic.

Parents today who believe The Bible and are against Magic and Witchcraft become the negative and ignorant "Muggles"
In the eyes of their Children.

Antichrist will "divide" The World between those who Embrace Magic, Satan and 666 Initiation vs those Who will Refuse Initiation which will be The Christians, The Muggles of The Future, who Oppose Magic and believe that Jesus is The Christ.

Harry Potter uses his magical powers to fight The Evil Sorcerer,
Drago, The Law Giver who uses the harshest of
Punishment for Law Breakers.

Antichrist will teach that The YHWH, The God of The Bible, is This Evil Sorcerer who must be destroyed.

YHWH God is known as The Law Giver as He gave The Ten Commandments, The Law, to Moses. Some consider God's use of Capital Punishment in The Old Testament as harsh.

This War against YHWH GOD, The Law Giver,
Is A Major Theme in Satanism,
The Destruction of The Judeo/ Christian Religion and
All who follow it!

Revelation 13 warns us that Antichrist will trigger
A Second Holocaust against Christians which lasts
Three and a half years.

Harry Potter is preparing Millions of Children for this future, Religious War against Christians, just as The PLO Terrorist Schools Brainwash young Palestinian Children to believe that Israel is the "Evil Occupation Force, The Enemy of Allah,
Who must be destroyed."

Children don't have to await The Coming of Antichrist to be told
The Powers they see Harry Potter use are real and good

All they have to do is go to a Search Engine and
Type In HARRY POTTER or Keywords:


Children can learn how to conjure Demons while their parents believe they are in their rooms doing homework!


This Year at Christmas, Parents will stand in line for hours to Purchase The Flood of Harry Potter toys and games for their Children. Then they will tell their Children that a Magical Old Man in a Red Suit with a white beard, came in his Magic Sleigh and brought these Harry Potter toys to them for Christmas!

But remember Kids, magic and spells and Santa are just
Believe in Jesus, The Invisible God in The Sky???


Pastor Harry, Church of Philadelphia-Internet

Fn: Witches and Wiccans do not worship Satan nor believe in
The Existence of "The Devil". However the Bible warns us that
The Power behind Witchcraft is Satanic.

Fn2: Many Movies such as STAR WARS as well as songs, Television shows and video games promote Satanic and Occult Concepts to Children. Harry Potter represents the most
Massive and aggressive media "blitz" to date.

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