IMPACT: 1 FEB 2019 AD ?

Scientists are tracking a newly discovered Asteroid, 2002 NT7. Preliminary reports show this Asteroid, which is about two miles in circumference, is on a Collision Course with earth and early projections show Impact on 1 FEB 2019 AD.

"In the worst case scenario, a disaster of this size would be global in its extent, would create a meltdown of our economic and social life, and would reduce us to dark age conditions,"

"If it did hit the Earth it would cause a continental-size explosion.. said Dr Benny Peiser, an asteroid expert at Liverpool John Moore's University in northern England."


On 1, 19, and 20 September 2001, Asteroids made close passes to the earth. These Asteroids came as close as 11 AU's (eleven, earth-moon distances) to the earth.

NASA has downplayed these events, saying,
"This is an excellent opportunity for research."



The Bible does not say the world is going to End on any given "day" in the next 1000 years. It does say the world will go through a seven-year period known as "The Great Tribulation." The purpose of this Tribulation is to bring as many people to Repentance and Heaven as possible.

The Bible warns that during this Great Tribulation, there will be An Asteroid Impact to earth. This will not be an Extinction Level Event but will cause mass destruction to a specific area.

8 MAY 2000

It has been reported that Astronomers discovered an Asteroid, between 50 and 135 miles in diameter orbiting The Sun behind Mars.

{We are awaiting confirmation of this Asteroid on related NASA sites.}

If this report is accurate, we may be seeing the "Doomsday" Asteroid found in the Book of Revelation, chapter eight. This also seems to fit into the prophetic "time" window of 2000 AD. to 2012 AD for Prophecy to be fulfilled.

The following Cataclysms happen after
The Tribulation is underway and not before.

We read in Rev:8 that an Asteroid will impact Earth soon After The Tribulation begins {possibly between 3- 6 months}.

This is when Satan's False Christ is on the world scene,

Teaching his mystical {666} religion to the whole world via
Live Satellite TV. (Rev:6:2).

This Approaching Asteroid Impact will cause many to question Antichrist who claims to control the "forces" of nature.

The USA and possible Russia would launch nuclear weapons that shatter this Asteroid, however it rains burning fragments {meteors} upon The World.

This is virtually the exact scenario we read in Revelation.

"The first angel sounded: and
hail and fire, mingled with
blood, and they were thrown
to the Earth; and a third of the
trees were burnt up, and all
green grass was burned up."

One large fragment, an Asteroid, approximately a mile in diameter,
Will then crash into the sea and the result is catastrophic.

"Then the second angel sounded;
and something like a great
mountain burning with fire was
thrown into the sea, and a third
of the sea became as blood;
and a third of the living creatures
in the sea died and a third of the
ships were destroyed."

Nostradamus also saw an Asteroid crash into the sea, sometime in the new Millennium of 2000 AD.

"The great mountain, one mile
in circumference, After peace,
war, famine flooding...
It will spread far, drowning
antiquities and their mighty
C1 Q69

Nostradamus goes on to tell us where this Asteroid will splash down:

"At the place where Jason built
his ships, there will be such a
great sudden flood that no one
on the land will have a place to
fall on. The waters mount the
Olympus Festulan."
C8 Q16

Many interpret Olympus Festulan to mean Mt. Olympus, near Greece.
As this mountain is close to 10,000 ft high, we are looking at a massive tidal wave.

Other Nostradamus' quatrains speak of:

1}. "heat upon the water like that of the Sun, around Negrepont, the fish will become half cooked". C2 Q3

2}."Seven times it {tidal wave} approaches the sea shore of Monaco", C3 Q10

3} "very near the Tiber hurries the
Angel of Death. A short while before
a great flood.' C2 Q93

All of this indicates the Asteroid will initially hit the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean Ocean {the island of Negrepont/modern day Evvoia}. The impact/heat blast upon the water would be equal to the force of 1000-megaton nuclear missile. Massive Tidal Waves will flood Monaca, Mt. Olympus, Athens and major parts of Italy {Tiber River} including Florence.

Humanity Will Question Antichrist And His Control Over The Forces Of Nature

At This Point In Time Millions Will Realize He Is A False Messiah

Next in The Book of Revelation, we see another burning object impact Earth from the sky.

"Then the third angel sounded;
And a great star fell from Heaven,
burning like a torch, and it fell
upon a third of the rivers and
on the springs of water,

"and the name of the star is
called Wormwood; and a third
of the waters became as worm-
wood; and many men died from
the water because it was made

This star "Wormwood" is either a small Comet or an ICBM missile.
The destruction caused by the first two cataclysms will trigger mass plague and famine leading to W.W.3.

This burning star "Wormwood" may be a Chinese ICBM missile launched at the USA.
Wormwood {poison} could be radioactive fallout that hits the waters of America.

Nostradamus also seems to describe "Wormwood" and his vision/quatrain points to a nuclear missile.

The sky will burn at 45 degrees
latitude, fire approaches the new
city. Suddenly a huge, scattered
flame leaps up, when they want
to have verification from the
Normans {France}.
C6 Q 97

New York City sits exactly on 45 degrees latitude. It would be the prime target of a nuclear attack against the USA;crippling the financial center and poisoning the waters of the East Coast. "Verification from the Normans" means USA will contact NATO to determine exactly who launched this ICBM Missile.

If there is an Asteroid (discovered 8 MAY 2000) currently orbiting The Sun behind Mars, This could soon begin The Doomsday Scenario in Bible Prophecy.

The newly discovered ASTEROID 2002 NT7 could also Be The Doomsday Asteroid (Rev:8:8) which could
Impact Earth: 1 FEB 2019 AD.

Either of the above two scenarios could be what Nostradamus saw in his famous "1999 and seven months " quatrain:

"In the year 1999 and seven months,
The Great King of Terror shall come
from the sky. He will bring to life the
King of the Mongols. Before and after
Mars reigns happily." C10 Q72

Nostradamus was mistaken about his date of 1999 AD or 2000 AD, but He may well be correct about This Cataclysm from Space, "from the sky." Especially as he describes in detial an Asteroid hit to The Agean Sea.

The Book of Revelation predicts asteroid impact will happen
And most probably in our lifetime: Within the next 10 years.

Yet we are not without hope for just as in the days of Noah, we are given a way to escape.

You can read of this Cosmic Escape in Jesus' own words.


The Question Is
Will We Follow The Words of Jesus {Gospel} Or

Will We follow The Twisted Teachings of The Religions of Men?

God Bless You

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia Internet


fn: A Comet/ Asteroid is one interpretation of the "Great, King of Terror from the Sky". {C10 Q72}. Another possibility is a Spaceship and A Return of the Nefilim; the "gods who were cast to Earth". {Gen:6}.